Graham Marsden

Bsc (Hons) MRICS

Graham has primary responsibility for the Columbus Industrial Portfolio which he took into a JV with Schroders in 2011. He is currently seeing the acquisition of over £50m of new property.

Graham also acts as a consultant surveyor for several major Companies including Global Media, Psion, Euromoney Plc and Ricardo.

Graham has been the creator of several successful companies. Starting with the creation of Farebrother’s specialist Midtown Team (1985), he went on to create the Focus central London database (1992) that is now owned by CoStar, founding Primary Health Properties (1995) and Health Investments Ltd (2000).

Graham is heavily involved in the Charity DEBRA, where he has been a Trustee for over 20 years with roles including President of the charity Debra International, Treasurer of Debra UK and Chair of the UK shops. He is presently Auditor of DEBRA International.

Graham is married with two grown up daughters. He is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a Freeman of the City of London.

Any spare time is spent with the family or – depending on the season – taking part in sport; competing in sailing, soccer, cycling and skiing.

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